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People are unaware of daily water consumption and it's effects.


an automated way to become aware

Float is a device designed to be placed in the pipes throughout your house that track your water usage. They update real-time to the application on your iPhone. The goal of float is to lessen water usage and add years back to the planets fresh water supply.
  • Save Money
  • Have an Economic Impact
  • See your Impact on Fresh Water Supply
  • Prevent Leaks in your Home


Add years onto the planets

fresh water supply.

Quickly see how you’re doing with your water consumption in your house and easily compare yourself with your friends! View your savings, gallons used, ranking, and water left all right here.

Filter your water usage by the day, week, month, or year. Use the Circle Filtration System to easily change the information you are viewing and get the amount of gallons you’ve used in that time period.

View this feature in action in the prototype below.

View the distribution of your water usage througout the house by monitoring the different devices.

Adding devices is simple.

Easily view an overview of your water usage on this scrollable graph.