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a small device created to read brainwaves and be attached to

any pair of glasses.

Designed with convenience in mind, ana was modeled in C4D to easily attach onto any pair of glasses. Ana monitors your brain waves throughout the day, and with a USB installed within, charging your device has never been easier!
Unique packaging, modeled in C4D, allows the product to truly be showcased from all angels.


an app designed to work with the device in helping you

learn about your brain.

  • Be aware of the positives and negatives in your life
  • Learn to trigger excellence in yourself
  • Learn to focus, no matter the situation
  • Learn to relax at the end of the day and sleep better
Through every day use, ana will provide a look into your successes and failures.


Visualize you emotions with

a simple, scrubbable and

pinchable timeline.

Get to Know your Dashboard

Visualize your emotions as they occur. Tap to see the corresponding activity and time.

Filter the data by the emotion

See how often you were the selected emotion during the activity

Get a visual breakdown of your emotions

With a quick swipe, log any

activity at any moment.

Quickly Log Activities and View the Activity Feed

Efficiently log activities as you begin them

Toggle between your activity and your friends’ activity

View a feed of emotions and activities in real-time as they occur

Games so fun you won’t

believe they’re good for you!

Work to improve your:

  • focus
  • agility
  • speed
  • relaxation
  • flexibility

to help achieve a happier you!